BuildingLink down? Looking for an alternative solution?

AptBuzz can help you get your building back up and running with package management, resident management, and resident communications.

We’ve already got an excellent messaging product in market which allows doormen and residents to exchange text messages on a secure platform. There are innovative features which allow doormen to send common messages with just one-click. When groceries arrive, food is delivered or a friend comes to visit it’s lightning fast to get a message to a resident. No apartment intercom buzzers required.

You can also blast a message to every resident’s phone via SMS. This is helpful when there is a maintenance issue, an amenity is closed, you need to send a weather preparedness alert, or if BuildingLink goes down.

Additionally, with our Package solution you can use your current barcode scanner to help streamline the package onboarding process. Or you can use upgraded technology using a mobile or tablets camera to automatically grab the data from the package label, further reducing the time it takes for staff to process packages.

Our Apt Buzz technology is secure, built on the cloud, and sits behind layers of two-factor authentication.

Ready to switch to something more modern which doesn’t experience outages that last for days?