Send emergency SMS messages building-wide

We’ve seen the sad news recently that building emergencies can happen at any time – fires, power outages, social disturbances, flooding – and seconds can make a difference between life or death. Residents turn to their expert building staff in times of crisis and want to make sure they know what’s going on so they can make the best decisions for their families.

How do you make sure you can broadcast a message to all your residents that they need to take action? How do you let them know you’ve got a situation under control? How do you communicate broadly when it’s safe to return to the building?

When an emergency strikes, many buildings’ property managers can find themselves scrambling. We want to make sure you’ve got a reliable and accessible way to contact all your residents when you need to.

The new Apt Buzz ‘Building Blast’ feature allows SMS messages to be sent to the entire building, or to a select group of residents.

You can configure these to suit your building:

  • Apartments by floor
  • Apartments with outdoor space
  • Apartments on a particular water line
  • Apartments with direct elevator access
  • Apartments owned by their resident
  • and more..

To make sending easy, Apt Buzz has brought its much-loved ‘Quick Send’ to Building Blast. This puts pre-written messages just a tap away. It’s particularly helpful for scenarios which may happen regularly, such as:

  • When the building elevator is out of service
  • When inclement weather is on the way
  • When packages are piling up and need to be picked up
  • When water lines need to be turned off
  • When lobby maintenance is taking place

Or, send a custom message.

Residents can also reply to messages to ask further questions, or pass along critical information.

Apt Buzz is a critical tool to have in your toolbox. Let’s get you started – it’s easy.