Solutions For Doormen

Apt Buzz for Doorman

Our flagship product allows doormen and residents to communicate by SMS messages rather than struggling with the crackly building intercom. SMS messages free residents to respond to from the couch.. or from anywhere!

With Apt Buzz, doormen get more responses and engagement with residents than ever before.

Introducing… Quick Send Messages

Apt Buzz’s Quick Select Messages make it super simple for Doormen to communicate with residents. It’s faster than picking up the intercom phone and dialing a resident.

Property Managers can choose what message categories are displayed, and what message templates are available to send to residents.

Here’s how it works

Select the Apartment

The apartments signed up for Apt Buzz messages are shown in blue.

Choose a Quick Select message

Just tap the button of the type of message you’d like to send.

One of the approved messages in this category will be randomly selected and added to the text box.

Or, you can type a custom message.

Hit Send

It’s that easy.

SMS messages will be sent to the residents of the apartment.

Residents can reply to your messages.